What Can Maitre'D Do for You?

Maitre'D is a full POS solution, for restaurants, bars or take-out counter. With Maitre'D you get real time tracking of sales and other analytic reports. Through the many modules we can build a unique piece of software that will meet your needs. Our many modules include integrated EFT / Debit processing, inventory tracking, time and attendance and many more.

The ease of being able to send kitchen orders via any server station, even the patio, allows for less overhead and errors. Modes can be set up to change your menu automatically depending on you specials based on either time of day, or day of the week.

Maitre'D Hardware

The Back Office PC

The back office PC is the core of the Maitre'D system. It will be running the Maitre'D server and process all the transactions. We offer a few different options when it comes to the back office, a desktop solution or a all in on that can be used as a workstation.

Because the back office is the main drive of Maitre'D, we ensure you get a top of the line PC that can handle the POS operations as well, with the desktop variant, run everyday office administration.

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The Workstations

Our workstations are all in one PC's, allowing the power of a Windows based PC in a small foot print. The compact design allow you to interoperate your workstations into your restaurant concepts.

With the back office handling the bulk of the processing, the workstation are designed to be power efficient, and some models are fan less providing quiet operation.

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What We Provide

  • Full installation, and training to all new Maitre'D customers

  • Software, hardware and full service contacts to those customers that need their system running at 100%

  • Screen layout and design based on your menu

  • Cleaning of existing POS menu

  • Replacement or service of existing hardware

  • Software and hardware upgrades

  • One year full service warranty on new installs

Maitre'D Software

Front of House Operation

Maitre'D allow full customization of the front of house. You are able to design menus and floor plan exactly the way you want it. The screen layout is user friendly, quick and easy to use, and flexable meaning training staff is easy.


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Back of House Monitoring and Management

Our back of house offers real time reporting of all restaurant operations. Get up to the minute sales reports, time and attendance, and of course report records from day, weeks and years.

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Maitre'D Software

Included Modules

POScontrolPOS Control

Gives you full control of your POS workstations, managing printers and other peripherals on the fly.

ReportReport Center

Real-time reports are an asset. You can pull a report any time, during sales or after end of day. There are many reports that can be used to break down your whole day, week, or year. Any thing from your most popular items, to how much you bring in on your happy hour special last Tuesday.

You are also able to track employees, tip totals, or how many dinner specials an employee sold. Matched with some add on modules, you are able to keep track of payroll, and attendance of any employee.


Maitre'D has a robust database to keep your sales records, this along with a backup solution can keep your data safe. Doesn't matter if you have records for 2 years or 20, Maitre'D will be able to access your sales.

ServerControlServer Control

Server control gives you the power to complete the End of Day process and voids right in the back office. With a check number, you can easily close the bill to cash without leaving the office. This is also helpful for void whole tables in case there is an mistake at the front of house.

LocalWSLocal Workstations

You may not have space for a separate office. That's okay. With the local workstation module, you have can have your back office on the floor, being use as a normal workstation.

FloorManagementFloor Management

This is a tool that allows you to design a floor layout, making it easy to select the right table. Giving a visual layout when opening a tables will lower error in sending food to the wrong table.

Optional Add Ons


Used to maintain the complete database of customers including order history. Street code records can be created for efficient dispatching among delivery drivers. The dispatch functions allows you to create, map and modify delivery areas.Delivery fees can be associated with delivery areas.


Maitre'D has an integrated debit and credit module, which allows to process credit card and debit card transactions from any workstation, eliminating the need for servers to run back and forth between terminal,saving valuable time and avoiding double entries.

InventoryInventory Management

Design and make recipes to track your inventory. This is a great way to track waste and manage your inventory. Take reading to determined what exactly what you have in stock, and reorder suggesting.

AccountingAccounting Interface

With this add on you are able to interface your Maitre'D reports with a third party accounting software such as Quickbooks. You can have it automatically export your reports when you run the end of day.

Account RecivableAccount Receivable

Allow you to manage in-house charging privileges, while accommodating your customers with personalized service. It allows you to post payments and close checks to customer's accounts. Also able to be used to maintain a complete database of customers including individual credit limit and history.

TimeandAttendTime and Attendance

Time and Attendance module allows you to manage employee's working hours. The workstations are used as time recorders to control employee schedules and labour costs.It provides the number of hours worked per employee in real-time and calculates weekly wages. It also gives estimates of labour costs in relation to sales as well as total labour costs.